Maurice W. Lusk III


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Ministry Overview

The story behind this website is rooted in the author's love of stories, the story craft, and a love of the most wonderful story the world has ever known, the gospel. The word "gospel" is derived from the word "godspel," an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning "God's story." This story begins with God's
creation of man in his own image and continues with stories of His sojourn with man down through the ages in man's pilgrimage through the vale of soul-making we know as earthly existence. The task of this pilgrimage is to fit man for eternity with God.  The story of this journey and the stories making up this story are preserved for us in a collected body of writings called Scripture, or "the Bible."  The pursuit of an understanding of these stories, which reveal to us God's purpose in creating man and His
intentions with reference to the destiny of man, is the focus of this website and ministry.


This site is provided to churches who are partners of GodStory Ministries and those who are friends and supporters of this ministry.   The material on this site consists of lessons designed for a church's adult education
programs: Adult Classes AM, Wednesday Evening, Group Studies, etc.  Each course is written with a strong biblical emphasis and all lessons have a distinctive Christ-centered theme running through them.   The objective of this site is to provide servants of Christ a source in their search of a more informed understanding of the Scriptures, a more enhanced faith, and the ability to tell the greatest story ever revealed, ever told, or ever written - God's Story!


Lessons for all courses offered on are found on the website home page in the menu. The lessons for the course selected will appear on the page in pdf format when clicked. These are printable versions of the lessons. Simply click on the lesson and print it once opened. Also, the menu has a DOWNLOAD COURSES tab that can be used to download each course of lessons in their entirity. Lessons found in the course download section can be modified as desired. Simply click on the title of the course and your computer will automatically download the lessons in document (doc) format for Microsoft (pc) and Macintosh (Apple) users, which may be edited according to the teacher’s needs. There is also a listing titled “Digging Out the Ore,” which consists of articles on various themes and issues that may enhance the lesson being presented.

Everything presented on this website is simply a point of view or reflection by a disciple of Jesus. Nothing is to be taken as authoritative unless it is the direct quotation of Scripture. Everything else is the subjective interpretation of a fellow traveler who is also trying to find the way.